May 28, 2014

How i got Pinkdurian.

Initially i just wanted to change my instagram name. It was anisahfarid before. I wanted to create a stage name like Sasha Fierce.

I was into the french theme. But thats everywhere now so i wanted to combine an international word with a traditional/unique word. Inspired by The Man Repeller.

At first i wanted to go for Yellow, because it was my favourite colour. But yellow is not internationally relatable enough. So i chose pink. Why?
Because i had only one pink blouse.
Now you must think: thats all ah? Well, how i thought of it was, however emo you are, however twisted you maybe or even if youre a too-cool-for-pink person, you would still atleast posses an item in pink.
It could be a shawl, it could be bra, it could be necklace,anything at all.
So, pink it is.

The traditional word was challenging.
I wanted pinkflamingo. Because flamingos are so weird. But Pinkturtle? Pinkmango? Pink-batik? All i did was pace around the house looking at things around my house for ideas.
Then during dinner, my dad brought a plastic full of creamy, smell, indulgent durian.
As i was enjoying my durian, it hit me.
 Some people immensely love it, some people detest it. Something you gotta face in life
Quoted from my Miista interview.
And it is is sooo traditional.

So i guess everything was a coincidence. If my dad brought back home rambutan, maybe i would be pinkrambutan. 
I decided to write this post because i owe people an explanation.
I was on instagram as pinkdurian waaay before blogspot. SO,
When i wanted to make my blogpost url, it was taken.
If you head there now, the writer had written a post in 2012 with a similar thought of mine. I think the writer explains it better though but had a different angle of the word pink. 
I was deeply saddened and felt unoriginal. I didnt feel like i wanted to make a blog at all.
Even tried to change my stage name.
But since I have have created ties around the world as pinkdurian and i have put in my own effort to create such a name, although its taken, id still like to roll with it. And i cant think of a better name that suits myself. 

Written with honesty,


May 27, 2014

Look what came onto my doorstep!

Recently, i was given the opportunity to be featured on the Miista blog. You can read it here. I wore the Stella's during my shoot with Langston Hues for the modest street fashion book. Thats what made them notice me!

Since i didnt want to do multiple orders i ordered a whole bunch! (and also cause i couldnt decide on just one,tehee). Made a deal with my wonderful mother that i would not purchase shoes till next year and this as my birthday gift! Alhamdulillah. And if ill earn money next year,ill help her settle her bills.

I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived by Monday! That was really quick! I used Fedex. (thumbs up!)

The SS14 collection made my soul melt. As if i were wearing the shoes, my soul would be gravitated into the Miista shoes and would make me feel like i have a place in the world. A sort of relief. Love at first sight.

This collection is perfect for us, Malaysians. Suitable for our climate. I loved the fall boots but i wouldnt wear them everyday. What i love about them is that i dont have to put in much effort to look weird,mad,chaotic,different,me.

Cant wait to strut in these shoes around KL.
Check them out at, yes theyre abit on the high side. But i have tons of reason why they're worth it. First off, theyre made in spain. Amazing Quality. Ill explain in detail when i write about each one of them.

Add on: Sign up for their newsletter so if they have a sale or offers, youre the first to know! and every time they have a sale, they sell faster than you can say Abraca-Miista!


May 18, 2014

My new Miu Miu SS14 purse!

So ive been using my kipling purse for almost 3/4 years maybe? And i finally got my mum to buy a new one. (no, ofcoures i dont buy expensive things all the time)

I watched the Miu Miu SS14 runway show and loved how they used new and fresh prints. Re-invented prints. (only can admire ah, cant afford). But i checked out Miu Miu klcc that day and Chloe instantly dragged me to the New Arrivals insisting me to check out what just came,telling me "this is so you,your going to love this" and i loved what i saw.

A SS14 print on something small and affordable! Atleast i get the salad from the collection.
The amazing part is that the print is printed on/inside but not over the leather. They usually print on canvas or nylon, never never never on leather. So its Miu Miu's new thing. So we'll be seeing that more in the future,hopefully. With this technique, prints would last longer,or maybe even forever. If it was pasted it over/on top of leather, a scratch from a card would definitely scrape off the print.

This purse,its either you LOVE it, or you'll pass. Its not something you buy and you think you can grow love onto it. In Asian countries, Malaysia is the only store that still has stock for it. Korea, Hongkong were going crazy over it. Sold out within days.

The reason I love this purse is because i could relate to the purse. Its not a its-sold-outeverywhere-its-so pretty-i must-have-it kind of thing. Its me kind of thing. Its also rebellious yet ladylike.  Demure and pretty on the outside, but wacko and different in the inside. Simply Crazy.

Closer look of the printed leather.

(due to my wide angle lens, the purse looks curvy)

The only downside is the print is in the inside, you cant really admire it from the outside.

But we must agree is that, beauty is on the inside.

 I just had to share the uniqueness of the purse.
x Anisah.

May 09, 2014


Im Anisah and wearing weird/bold clothes + make up is my way of expressing myself. I guess im attracted to peoples reaction in a form of "what in the world is she wearing?!" rather than "wow she looks good". Wearing something weird, which i call is The New Normal, makes me feel empowering. Meaning i feel bolder and almost feel that im invincible like Taylor Swift. No she does not wear weird clothes like me, but she embraces herself in songs to let her feel empowering.  If i get a step closer to Taylor feeling proud of the dumbess heartache song she has ever written (ofcoures i dont think her songs are dumb,im a fan but anyway), I think ive achieved my style, confidence. Confidence in anything that makes you happy. Anything at all.

 Like for instance, my friend Myra, she wears clothes that when she buys she thinks of her other 3 sisters whether they can wear it or not (whereas me, i know i dont), and she sticks to wearing plain & natural clothes. (which i am the totally the opposite of that) but I salute her, because even around me with a  goofy bright pink lazyoaf garfield backpack, she loves what she loves and does not feel intimidated by me. that is confidence & feeling comfortable with yourself.

So this blog is for you to feel inspired by the realness of what i do.  Keep Fashion Weird.
See ya!
p/s i want to start how to style under RM40!

Myra + Me