May 28, 2014

How i got Pinkdurian.

Initially i just wanted to change my instagram name. It was anisahfarid before. I wanted to create a stage name like Sasha Fierce.

I was into the french theme. But thats everywhere now so i wanted to combine an international word with a traditional/unique word. Inspired by The Man Repeller.

At first i wanted to go for Yellow, because it was my favourite colour. But yellow is not internationally relatable enough. So i chose pink. Why?
Because i had only one pink blouse.
Now you must think: thats all ah? Well, how i thought of it was, however emo you are, however twisted you maybe or even if youre a too-cool-for-pink person, you would still atleast posses an item in pink.
It could be a shawl, it could be bra, it could be necklace,anything at all.
So, pink it is.

The traditional word was challenging.
I wanted pinkflamingo. Because flamingos are so weird. But Pinkturtle? Pinkmango? Pink-batik? All i did was pace around the house looking at things around my house for ideas.
Then during dinner, my dad brought a plastic full of creamy, smell, indulgent durian.
As i was enjoying my durian, it hit me.
 Some people immensely love it, some people detest it. Something you gotta face in life
Quoted from my Miista interview.
And it is is sooo traditional.

So i guess everything was a coincidence. If my dad brought back home rambutan, maybe i would be pinkrambutan. 
I decided to write this post because i owe people an explanation.
I was on instagram as pinkdurian waaay before blogspot. SO,
When i wanted to make my blogpost url, it was taken.
If you head there now, the writer had written a post in 2012 with a similar thought of mine. I think the writer explains it better though but had a different angle of the word pink. 
I was deeply saddened and felt unoriginal. I didnt feel like i wanted to make a blog at all.
Even tried to change my stage name.
But since I have have created ties around the world as pinkdurian and i have put in my own effort to create such a name, although its taken, id still like to roll with it. And i cant think of a better name that suits myself. 

Written with honesty,



  1. PinkDurian is a perfect stage name for you Anisah! And indeed you have created ties around the world as it. May many good things roll your way for you as PinkDurian. :*

    1. Thank you this made my day!! I was sorta scared to post this, thanks for calming my nerves!!

  2. PinkDurian is such a catchy stage name ! Glad you stick to it :)

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