May 09, 2014


Im Anisah and wearing weird/bold clothes + make up is my way of expressing myself. I guess im attracted to peoples reaction in a form of "what in the world is she wearing?!" rather than "wow she looks good". Wearing something weird, which i call is The New Normal, makes me feel empowering. Meaning i feel bolder and almost feel that im invincible like Taylor Swift. No she does not wear weird clothes like me, but she embraces herself in songs to let her feel empowering.  If i get a step closer to Taylor feeling proud of the dumbess heartache song she has ever written (ofcoures i dont think her songs are dumb,im a fan but anyway), I think ive achieved my style, confidence. Confidence in anything that makes you happy. Anything at all.

 Like for instance, my friend Myra, she wears clothes that when she buys she thinks of her other 3 sisters whether they can wear it or not (whereas me, i know i dont), and she sticks to wearing plain & natural clothes. (which i am the totally the opposite of that) but I salute her, because even around me with a  goofy bright pink lazyoaf garfield backpack, she loves what she loves and does not feel intimidated by me. that is confidence & feeling comfortable with yourself.

So this blog is for you to feel inspired by the realness of what i do.  Keep Fashion Weird.
See ya!
p/s i want to start how to style under RM40!

Myra + Me


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