May 27, 2014

Look what came onto my doorstep!

Recently, i was given the opportunity to be featured on the Miista blog. You can read it here. I wore the Stella's during my shoot with Langston Hues for the modest street fashion book. Thats what made them notice me!

Since i didnt want to do multiple orders i ordered a whole bunch! (and also cause i couldnt decide on just one,tehee). Made a deal with my wonderful mother that i would not purchase shoes till next year and this as my birthday gift! Alhamdulillah. And if ill earn money next year,ill help her settle her bills.

I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived by Monday! That was really quick! I used Fedex. (thumbs up!)

The SS14 collection made my soul melt. As if i were wearing the shoes, my soul would be gravitated into the Miista shoes and would make me feel like i have a place in the world. A sort of relief. Love at first sight.

This collection is perfect for us, Malaysians. Suitable for our climate. I loved the fall boots but i wouldnt wear them everyday. What i love about them is that i dont have to put in much effort to look weird,mad,chaotic,different,me.

Cant wait to strut in these shoes around KL.
Check them out at, yes theyre abit on the high side. But i have tons of reason why they're worth it. First off, theyre made in spain. Amazing Quality. Ill explain in detail when i write about each one of them.

Add on: Sign up for their newsletter so if they have a sale or offers, youre the first to know! and every time they have a sale, they sell faster than you can say Abraca-Miista!


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