May 18, 2014

My new Miu Miu SS14 purse!

So ive been using my kipling purse for almost 3/4 years maybe? And i finally got my mum to buy a new one. (no, ofcoures i dont buy expensive things all the time)

I watched the Miu Miu SS14 runway show and loved how they used new and fresh prints. Re-invented prints. (only can admire ah, cant afford). But i checked out Miu Miu klcc that day and Chloe instantly dragged me to the New Arrivals insisting me to check out what just came,telling me "this is so you,your going to love this" and i loved what i saw.

A SS14 print on something small and affordable! Atleast i get the salad from the collection.
The amazing part is that the print is printed on/inside but not over the leather. They usually print on canvas or nylon, never never never on leather. So its Miu Miu's new thing. So we'll be seeing that more in the future,hopefully. With this technique, prints would last longer,or maybe even forever. If it was pasted it over/on top of leather, a scratch from a card would definitely scrape off the print.

This purse,its either you LOVE it, or you'll pass. Its not something you buy and you think you can grow love onto it. In Asian countries, Malaysia is the only store that still has stock for it. Korea, Hongkong were going crazy over it. Sold out within days.

The reason I love this purse is because i could relate to the purse. Its not a its-sold-outeverywhere-its-so pretty-i must-have-it kind of thing. Its me kind of thing. Its also rebellious yet ladylike.  Demure and pretty on the outside, but wacko and different in the inside. Simply Crazy.

Closer look of the printed leather.

(due to my wide angle lens, the purse looks curvy)

The only downside is the print is in the inside, you cant really admire it from the outside.

But we must agree is that, beauty is on the inside.

 I just had to share the uniqueness of the purse.
x Anisah.

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