June 22, 2014

Dani Bronze x Penang

Hey guys! I hope all is well in whatever you're up to and thanks for coming by from your break!
I just came back from the north, Penang, and i decided to bring my Dani Bronze with me! These shots were taken around my second home.

(Wearing Raybans, Topshop blouse, Kitschen Skirt, Miista and a Coach Sling bag)

I paired this shoe with plain colours to really make the shoe reeeeally stand out. Yes, i think everyone knows this rule.
Ah well, the shoe adds abit more security than the Rachel since its enclosed at all parts. I also like to wear these when i want to hide my toes and when i want to walk alot! Ive walked around in these for about 6 hours and had zero issues. Miista shoes are the easiest to walk in. No-Kid-Ding.
In the picture on site, the straps looks sturdy. That was my main scare. But once i received them, they're actually soft and silky! 

I absolutely adore how chunky the heel is. It dosent just add the retro look but it also helps with your balance. I also played a 20 minute game of laser tag in them! Its tumble-free!

They were one of my last minute changes in the shopping cart. I wanted the Rachel in bronze initially but i felt i needed more more more bronze in the shoe and i should try different styles. No regrets at all. They are spectacular.

I feel like the heel and platform is abit more bouncier than the Rachel. Meaning like i can jump up and down turn around in them.
And when these shoes meet the sea, i feel like im Ariel with bronze fins but with a voice of a toad.

Mainly the best part of Penang is the food. They were so good and tasty that i ate them as soon as they arrived to the table. So i didnt have time to snap any pictures :P 

Heres pictures when Dani meets summer colours! (But its summer here everyday in Malaysia though) :

(Wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Miista shoes, Mango cardigan, Topshop blouse and Zara pants)

So it does work both ways, whether i want the shoe to compliment the look or be the highlight, it serves its purpose to me flawlessly.

Any disadvantages?
They dont hug my feet perfectly and theres no adjustable strap except at the ankle. I think western feet are bigger than asian feet. And to fix this problem, i just wear socks like i did in penang! I played laser tag in these without socks and no blisters were produced! So its not that bad :)

Hope you enjoyed pictures of the Dani! 


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  1. Hi!

    I,ve just bought the same sandals! they are amazing, yes, but I also feel that they are a little bit bigger than the usual size, aren´t they? :)