June 30, 2014

Dinner with ShaElaiza

Destiny. Its something rare that happens,but when it does, it brings good, insyaAllah. I think me and this humble lady were destined to meet! I met her at the Modest Street Fashion talk alongside Langston Hues, Mizz Nina, Felixia Yeap and Natasha Hudson. She was the host! Honestly, during the event, i wish i could talk like her.  She talks confidently, gracefully and had a tad bit of quirkiness!
We both were with our awesome moms at the event! So thats how the conversation started and Alhamdulillah it did not stop there. We found each other on social networks. Thats when i started to read her blog. I was able to learn islam from another perspective and she writes ever so beautifully.

After that, she humbly gave me the opportunity to be her model for her clothing line, www.shaelaizagalleria.com. Actually to me, thats one of the most craziest things anyone has asked me to do! I still cant believe i experienced that. If your reading this Kak Sha, truly, thank you again.

I always learn something from her or ill discover something new. So i feel like sharing.

Say MasyaAllah. Yes everyone knows, when you give praise to Allah (swt), it adds a point to your pahala system. and we are suppose to practice it. We do know, yes we do! Maybe its just me and alhamdulillah all you guys have already made it a habit. But ive never realised, the actual importance of it, the reason why, the use of it. Its because, you will never know what you have till it is gone.

I was saying how pretty Kak Sha always looks, all the time. Then she held my hand and said to me "please say MasyaAllah". First thing that came in my mind "woww she's different, she embraces islam beautifully till it makes you want to follow in her footsteps too". But then she told me a story. (its as i remembered it,maybe not the exact words)

You know why i asked you to say masyaAllah. Its because that day i was wearing a beautiful dress to an event and everyone couldnt stop praising how beautiful the dress is. Many of which people forgot to say masyaAllah. On the way back, on an escalator, the trail of my dress got stuck in between and the end bit ripped! I was so sad! So always say masyaAllah :) 

Did that change your perspective? Because it changed mine. I hope it helps you understand too. It made me re-think myself. Because of that story i learned why. Something i should have realised along time ago, but i just learned from the textbook. "Praise Him, get pahala". Ive never seen someone apply it to the real world.
 I now really understand why. When i praise Him, my heart grows fonder, i appreciate His creations more. So before it is gone, always say masyaAllah! 

Ill share more stories soon :) bye bye!

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  1. Anisaaaahhh, why you gotta make me feel so humbled by your words? *cries*

    The dress wasn't by Dian Pelangi, BTW, and I'm not alim! Do I give that impression to people? :x I just try to practice Islam as much as I can because the more I learn about my faith the more I love it. And when I meet people like you, I'm more inspired because I see Allah's Greatness - God creates people who are beautiful inside out for a very good reason. The future of Islam is in the hands of today's Muslim youth.

    BTW, when I was your age I was no where as cool as you nor was I much of a "practicing Muslim". I made this video more than a year ago to share something I learned as a teenager in New Zealand: http://youtu.be/piB9J_Aq8NY

    Thank you for starting such an awesome blog. InshaAllah, you will be an inspiration to many, many young girls out there. Stay true to yourself. I love, love, love your motto: I believe in transparency in who I am. xx