August 19, 2014


Hello there! I have been interested in photography since i was 13. Life achievements: took photo's for my school events,photographer for two weddings and photographer for a documentary of mosques in Malaysia. I mean its good enough lah. Hehe.
So recently, i directed/shot/edited for fun a 15 second instagram video for my dear friend slash video-testing-guinea-pig, Syakira. It was for a competition to meet her idol, Yuna! She was talking to me about it and we had all these creative plans and flowery locations. But,due the time restriction and last minute schedules. We shot it in 3 hours and around her house. Syakira produced all of it, i just helped with the camera. Were a team!

Take a look!
 Betcha didnt even realize everything was done in the dark! (because she's so pretty that is) oh and ofcoures Syakira won ;)
Follow her on instagram @syakirara  

Heres her with Yuna! you go girl!

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