September 15, 2014

Things I want to do in 2015

I need to write this somewhere because suddenly ill forget about it and since im posting this on my blog,publicly, take it as my swear-to-blog-cross-my-heart. What a shame if didnt do things i said i would do. & i know ill look back at this one day. So here are the things i want to do during my 9-month break after A-levels.

I want to learn to play the drums. I was in my car earlier during the day coming back from college, and because there was traffic, i was doing some fake drum action to Turn It Off- Paramore (secretly you do it too) So yeah...drums. I really want to learn.

Enroll into french classes in Alliance Francaise. When i was 13-14 years old, i went there for a bit but all i remember is how to count to 10 and lyrics to Frere Jacques. Oh that reminds me...i have that book i need to return...

By 2015 i want to be able to canter and experience falling off my horse. My instructor says " You'll never really graduate till you fall off your horse". I still have problems with my sitting trot. In other words, my pelvic is stiff. I cant canter if i dont master my sitting trot...... Where the hoolahoops at?!

Do a make up tutorial! Ive learned many basic things from the M.A.C class i attended and it has helped me so much and im sure it'll help other people too! So, I'm very eager to share them. 

Thats my list for now. Seeing a list of too many things to do will cause laziness (i think this applies to me only,ya'll too good).