October 06, 2014

Reblogged: Featured Feed on Miista

heres my fav dibs :)

Which designers or fashion companies do you like and why (don’t worry – you don’t have to say Miista)?

My tops are mostly from Topshop and Zara – only because they’re affordable and they have everything. I’m a sucker for bargains. I were a millionaire, I’d go for Alberta Ferretti and Miu Miu. I’d wear that combo everyday.
I honestly have to say Miista is my new profound love. I like the direction. The uniqueness. The architecture. Its simple but bold,it screams.

Your headscarves look amazing and we love how religion and/or social conventions don’t forbid people from expressing themselves through fashion. How easy or difficult is it to make it a part of your look?It’s not easy! We have to treat the headscarf as a part of our look. And there are so many ways how to wear the headscarf. So many directions. To make it flowy or a turban or leave it dangling or this or that. It also has to match the rest of the outfit.
It does create a balance to my look. Sort of like neutralises any off colours in my outfit. I feel that without my headscarf my look is not complete.

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