November 09, 2014

Pure Luck.

So i was walking to the fitting room.
Thats when i saw this korean girl holding two different sizes of the same top, and she was trying them infront of a mirror to decide on which size. So i waited close enough to grab it when she puts one down. 3 other people was looking her way too. 4 tigers, 1 prey. Game on!
Just as she was about to leave the top at a random ladies section, i couldnt even blink. i seriously ohmygod just scrambled for it and i got it!!!!! (other tigers be like oh damnnn!!! she got it!! no way!! ughhhhh) This was on my list!!!!! HEYYAAAA!!! *inserts fist bump into the air*

So, this gave me some sort of an invincible vibe. Next item i wanted, The MOST-WANTED Wang Cropped Top in black. This was impossible to get, because every single soul in that building wanted it. And to me its the IT THING from the collection. Nobody would give second thoughts about it.
I was just scanning around, when i saw this girl who was just about to hang a Black Cropped Top on to a railing. I just reached my hand for it....

Girl: Excuse me what are you doing?
Me: Do you want it?
Girl: YES! hands off. i just wanted to admire it from afar thats why i hanged it.
Me: Im so sorry. 

EEEERRRRRRR ....that was so embarrassing ok.
But you know what, i still just stood there like a complete bafoon. Then a salesgirl was coming out from the fitting room with one Wang Cropped Top in grey in her hand and she was giving it to the girl just now. Then that girl was heading to the fitting room with two cropped tops, a black and grey.
I just unashamedly, tebal-muka went up to her and said,
if you dont want one of them, please give it to me!!! thank you so much..
she nodded and went in.
 When she came out, she said  sorry i want both and joined her friends. I was just okay, no rezeki lah(no luck). But i still just stood there. Hahaha. Im a nut woman.
Then 10 minutes later, i saw the girl pointing towards me, talking in chinese to her friends. I made the sickest saddest apologetic face. Then she came towards me like a living angel, a grey in her right hand and a black in her left. And her left hand reached out to me,

hey you can have it!

Damn right, i screamed. So went to try everything out. Bought the long sleeve top, cropped top and the beanie. But i am so regretting not buying the Jacquard Knit dress. Hmm.

Sorry about the bad quality photos! I dont have supermodel genetics in me,but i couldnt wait to share!


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