December 05, 2014

A shoot for ShaElaizaGalleria at the Wilayah Mosque.

Had an escapade with ShaElaiza again for her brand! If your looking for kaftans, you can definately find it at ShaElaizaGalleria . Im not one who's all, give me that and ill do it idc what it is. I met her,  end up learning so much from her and fell in love with her creative direction. It was actually a more of, i am blessed to be given the opportunity for working with ShaElaiza, and i love how she is involved with every step of her brand. Its all her. From carefully picking designs to delivering it your doorstep.

Moving on, thiis plaaaace is amaaaaaaaazing. It is beyond beautiful subhanAllah and it was my first time here! I loved the arches and the detailing on the ceiling. As you can see in this picture below. Although its me in it, when i look back at it, it really dosent look like im in Malaysia!

Lets just admire this piece can we? In up to bottom order, so you have this pearl thing going on which i think, carries the bold statement. The upper bit looks like its structured, then you come down to this flowy and bits of elegant lace that puts everything together. What do i mean? Imagine the top without the lace. Not so interesting. Now, imagine it without the pearls. Too plain. See, isnt it so unique?

 Yes, this was definitely somewhere in Istanbul guys...

When you have a lazy day and you want to go out looking fah-bue-lahs. Thats when superkaftan-man comes to the rescue. Also, you know how holidays are a time for you to relax, and your not bothered to put in effort but you want to anyway..for the pictures atleast. Just pop em Kaftans on like you pop em tic tacs. Because, it seriously is as easy as that. You go from a normal daily Kristen Stewart to a red carpet Kristen Stewart. 

 I think kaftans are something that you should invest in, also if you take good care of it, it can be passed down to your daughter, grand daughter, nieces and even when you get that call from your good friend saying hey!! i have nothing to wear to this event!! can i borrow the kaftan you wore at.... Kaftans are always eye-catching, with all the detailing, some wont even know you spend around just 200 bucks on it! Have you ever been curious when someone wears a kaftan to an event and you end up just staring and wonder, where do they get it? or an Instagram Post of someone in a kaftan. Is this from Farah Khan? *clicks comment and hope they say no its you'll get your answer* I know i do. Because why? Simple, because maybe you have yet to own one and wishes it was in your wardrobe.

While some play with prints, you play with intricate detailing of gleaming jewels. 

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