December 11, 2014

Haflin and Haflins.

As my hand was about to press the doorbell i ran back outside the gate to check if i had the right house, took a deep breath and Ding-dong! Her helper opened the door with her handphone in her hand taking a picture of me looking amused. We both giggled.
 I was then greeted by long flowy ombre hair, the biggest smile, offers of food and tea. 

Born in Kelantan, Haflins served us a kelantanese "LakSe" (not pronounced lakSa), rich chocoalte brownies, creampuffs...okay i am not here to talk about the food.

Among the elites, her name is quite familiar. But maybe, this might be your first time hearing of her. Haflins was a complete alien to me, ive never heard of her or her brand ever before but that maybe because i dont read the local magazines that often. So i absolutely understand, why youre intrigued, because i was so veryily was. I got to know her from Fashion Valet.

Im going to first describe her and later on talk about her brand. Why? We'll get there.

Who is she? What do people dont know about her?
The first thing i realized about her while sipping on the yummy kuah laksa oops! Lakse, was that she is so humble. Not the type where its like robotically humble according to time and place. Hmm how i put this as an image to your head.. She's like the nasi-lemak lady i buy from every morning infront of my college who never fails to call me sayang or darling and ask me what im going to do today and why dont i eat more and gives me extra lauk. This kind of humble! But inside a graceful figure that is. She dosent even need to try. A 5 minute chat and a look into her warm eyes is all it needs to shake off the nervousness of meeting someone so respected and looked upon.

She is also noticeably fun while still being poised, if you have a 10 minute conversation with her, she will point out or make or say something that makes you laugh. With her gleaming ambience, she is a very bright and a charismatic young woman. It really does enlighten a room when she's in it.

Last one, there are glimpses of that she can be meticulous of many things. Like, how determined she wants to listen to your opinions or just maybe about your life,where you heading and who you are. Her ears are yours for that moment. She make sure everyone is comfortable.

Also i had a chat with her about how she started her brand, she really took the time and own effort to find the perfect and precise material. It wasnt like "just take any material". While some overlook this, she took it very seriously. From Guangzhou to Indonesia, she went through it all and it certainly paid off. It really is remarkable. However, the public seems to not show so much appreciation on types of material used. Let me try change your mind. A Chanel Tweed Jacket is not a Chanel Tweed Jacket just because its Chanel, its because of the unique material. Its going to be in the same state in 10 years time whilst others will bore you in 3-5 years. So when you think your stepping away from Haflins because of the 3digit price tag. Divide the price by 10 years. Some things are just worth investing in.

All this is reflected and radiated into her brand, Haflins.

I havent told her personally, but i hope she reads this (Hello Haflin!). After i ate, i took time admiring her clothing. It started with.. i want this..and this, omg this one..This one too..can i can i can i.. okay you get the picture.

Looking at her fall collection as a whole, the first thing i thought of that it screamed bold and humble. Why? Im not talking about the bold Mary Katrantzou or Jeremy Scott prints here. Look at the whooole rack. Its filled with staple colours like bright red, bright yellow,white and black etc. In a bold sense that its easily noticed. In a sense that if you saw this colour on the streets, its the boldness of the colour is what you would be attracted to. Not her nail colour, not her hair, not her shoes. This colour would be the first thing you'd noticed. 

Having said that, the humbleness comes from her luxurious material, texture and the way she balances ordinary and unique. Look at the rack, you wont turn your back from it. Humbleness is what draws you to it. The material is not overflowing and uncontrollable, its in a way that it stays put, like..jelly. Its not as stiff as neoprene, but how the material rests onto your body, it settles on humbly.  The material does its justice to the design. The same design with different material, would turn out into a whole different thing. You have to feel the material for yourself to truly appreciate it. Ive never seen another local designer play with this kind. Different kind of feeling when it touches your skin.

How she played and portrayed fall into her collection was dynamic but with a hint of attitude. Fall is also all about thickness, Spring is usually soft and light. You wont miss the thick-look here! And were always in air-conditioned malls most of the time! But i can ensure you, the material is too good. I find that Haflins clothes would be one that I'd work around with, i mean id pick it out and then find things to pair with it. The staple colours makes it so easy to work with, alot of fun too.

Some designs are meticulous. This is seen in her detailing. The cut-out details of the flower was not separately made and sewn on like what you usually see. It is cut from the material itself and flipped outwards, exactly like how real flowers are, the whole thing is made from one piece. I always admire a person who makes the most out of one piece of cloth into something surprising.  Also the detail of the pola, the way the cloth is cut, the volume of the cloth and then joined all together.

Also i must add that I love amount of her pleats seen in her skirts, pants and sleeves. It creates just the right amount of fullness in her garments. 

Each piece has more fun than what people could dream of. They just dont know it yet or just shy. These pieces are fun to experiment about. You could achieve a neutral look or rock it out as you wish. If youre too shy to ask anything about Haflins, you can always come to me and ill tell what you want to know. It would be my pleasure. Let me know if you decided to buy Haflins after reading this! You can get Haflins from Fashion Valet or by ordering from Haflin herself through instagram. To see this on the streets, I cant find a better example than the daring fashionista, @haflinsfashion (instagram) herself. She lives in her own clothes plus her style is something to admire about!

The modest dress she's wearing is from her new collection! Check it out on FV. I am so satisfied and contented with the Embroidered Top and the Skirt I bought! Cant wait to style them out. So busy with college and uni application these days, had no chance to see the sun!
Thank you for reading! Next post is about Dreamcloud by Natasha Hudson! 

 P/S most of her pieces includes pockets!


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