December 16, 2014

M.A.C Technique's Workshop Review

A night before, i did a research just to know what it would be like. And pictures of conference-like tutorials popped up! So i was prepared for that. Little did I was something way more intimate!

Usually to get a 1-to-1 class, you'd have to buy a RM250 M.A.C. voucher. Feel free to ask any mac counters when they have these classes, i go to the KLCC one! Theres specific times. BUT, the voucher is fully redeemable after the class! So, the class is actually free! Better yet, now you know what to reach for than just trying out stuff and being to shy to ask about their products. So save a little and i really recommend going for the class. Yes, im well aware you can learn from youtube videos, but i think you need to understand your face structure before-hand or else you'd create a mess! Like you really need to understand your face. Thats the main reason why i wanted to go for the class. It really helped me and from there I could apply what i learned from youtube according to my eye shape etc.

I got an email from M.A.C saying they're giving me a complimentary class as a treat for the holiday season! I couldnt be more happier!

I was abit late, arrived at the Estee Lauder Office and they served breakfast! Then i was prepared to enter a conference-like room, in my mind it was like alot of chairs and a big stage infront. But to my surprise, there were 3 big round tables with about 6 fully equipped make up tools setup and a whole lot of mac makeup in the middle of the table!

They first introduced themselves and all you could hear was "Senior", "manager", the room were filled with make up artists who've been working with mac for over than 10 years and I am so lucky to be in the same room as them!!

The senior make up artist that was teaching us on that day was Haritha Shan. She was teaching us the Femme to Feline look which was about how to create a smokey eye look, professional tips and tricks and how to change from day to night. She would demonstrate step by step then we would be given 15-20 minutes to do it ourselves with the aid of the helpful team! The one who helped me was Hing :) she taught me extra tips like mixing eyeshadow colours and mixing lipstick with gloss! I have never been a fan of lipgloss because i didnt know how to use it, but now i am, because of her!

Me and Hing

I learned that your base (meaning whats under your foundation) is very important. Haritha Spent 20 minutes on eyes and lips but ONE HOUR on base and face. And it literally made my face have a natural glow. When I first put it on, I went abit like woooh my face looks like it has alot of stuff, theres like almost a mix of 5 products on your face, its just like, woooh. But after it settles on your face, my my, did i love the end result. Theres not much technique to this,its just about the products you use. Which are listed below in orderly form. The formula in each product literally works wonders. Also, formulated for all skin types.

I was also taught the right and easiest way to contour which is using the number 3. Yes just draw a number 3 on the side of your face, but i have a small forehead so, I just did a half-3.  (this is why classes are so important, because u need to understand your face, make up gurus on youtube might have different shapes as you!)

TIP - if your going to put heavy make up, always use water-base moisturisers or a serum as it immediately absorbs into the skin. 

There were so many things i learnt! I wish I could share everything, I really want to share. But demonstrating it would be so much easier! When i'll do a haul, ill try make a video and explain everything!

For concealer, you can go to the counter to ask how use the concealer palette! Heres another tip for covering dark circles,  cover your blue dark circles with a warm tone first because if you dont, in a few hours, your undereyes will look grey-ish. But the aid of 360 photo app, well you can just delete it :P Then afterwards you mix with a cooler/lighter tone colour.

Lastly, always drink water right after you wake up. After a whole night in aircond, your face will get dehydrated!

Here is the end result after an hour! (with no filter)

The list of products I used was:
Lightful Softening lotion
Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion
Charged Water Moisturizer
Matchmaster Foundation in No.3
Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in medium plus
Studio Careblend Pressed powder in Dark to use as contour
Smoulder eye kohl
Prep + Prime lip primer
Candy yum yum lipstick
Love Nectar lustre gloss.
The blush was a very bright peach pink.
Eyeshadows, eye brow pencil and blusher that i didnt take down their names sorry! But ill recreate it and let you guys know, if you do want to know ;)

Thats the eyeshadow palette i used!

All in all, i enjoyed every bit of this experience! It's really worth it. This workshop is suitable for beginners and professionals too! You really do learn something. As MAC do not have sale or discounts like in the overseas, they give complimentary classes like this as a token of appreciation for their valued customers. I really learned alot. If you do go for their classes, ask alot of questions, even the tiniest things like how to hold a brush or what kind of eye shape do you have or how to tell differences in tone colour or how to differentiate a mascara type etc. Be a dumb blonde, and you'll learn even more! Thank you to the MAC team for sharing me tips and teaching me from a-z! Had soooo much fuuuunfunfun.

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