December 26, 2014

Sayonara Charlie & Hello Muggles. (wrote this on 23rd dec)

Shoulve wrote a better title, this sounds like... I replaced Charlie just like that. Wish it was as easy as that. But it was not.

On the 5th of October 2013, Charlie & Cooper was born. Its Chloe's first time giving birth, first batch of unexpected babies! Their father, luckily was our neighbour's bengal cat (which is neutered now because he couldnt stop getting the ladies!). All this happened last October:

They grew up beautifully, strong and loving. They were fun to watch, Id wake up everyday calling their names instead of checking my instagram. When i came home from college, i'd search for them first instead of my mom. They both would try squeeze onto my lap so i could hug them. They were so dear to me.
 You see, my house compound is very clean, beautiful trees, pest-free gardens. 7 years i lived here and weve never had a single virus because there wasnt any stray cats around. take a walk around...a bengal there a flatnose there siamese here. I have a pure breed Siamese whom is 18 years now (90 years old human life) who weve stop vaccinating at about 5 years old and still living healthy and well. I was just like, if Pratunam, my siamese cat is ok, means environment is ok. So yes, it was my fault I underestimated, I admit, I didnt get them vaccined. With little knowledge at the time, I also thought a bengal is a very strong breed. 

Charlie is more of a whinger and was attached to me more. Cooper was more independent. Charlie wants attention all the time, like theyre personality are the total opposite of each other but they have such a strong bond. They would be together all the time! Where cooper goes, charlie goes. Cooper goes up the tree, Charlie would try his best because he was abit fat. vice versa.

One day Charlie was weirdly quiet and didnt want to move from this corner on my study table. He likes to keep me company. He just curled up in a ball, and didnt want to eat and all. We knew instantly, something was very wrong. because he usually is so loud and cheerful. At 11pm, we brought him straight to the Animal Medical 24 hours Hospital. He was infected with a virus called FPV/FIV.

Lets fast forward, Charlie made it, he was admitted for a week and I visited him everyday. However, Cooper's body was found after 5 days suspected due to the virus. I cried for a week. So I busied myself looking after Charlie, he was recovering so well. He had to stay in the room for 2 weeks, I hand fed him, made him swallow 5 pills a day, kept him company, play with him, love him, tell him how strong he is everyday, thanking him for being a  champ. I said to him, "your my hero, be my hero". Everyday. 

Day 1 after recovery. Charlie got to smell grass, he started climbing trees. My neighbour texted me: "Glad to see Charlie around again, alive and happy!". Everynight he would make sure he slept by my side or by my toes, we bonded even more during his recovery. Day 7, Charlie did not come home. 4 days missing now, still no sign. Flyers, calls, check all vets, security rounds, knocking on every door, 500 RTs on twitter, searched for him on a bigger scale, tears every single night before i sleep, waking up hoping" i might see charlie again today", sleeping to "its okay! tomorrow might be the day charlie comes home".

Today marks 1 month he's gone.

The 3rd week was when i lost abit of hope and I was full on with depression,although I hid it quite well except in my prayers. I did absolutely everything I can honestly, and I just decided that now I'm leaving it up to Allah swt. Animals are His, we cant communicate or simply call the cat up, but Allah swt can. Allah swt is All-knowing, All powerful. If He wanted Charlie to return to me, He would. But Charlie is just not coming back. Someone claimed to have seen him, but he never saw the cat again. To me, its God's sign of dont loose hope but its not time for charlie to return to me yet. I still hold on to that small pea-size hope.

I couldnt let go of Charlie, but I was so tired emotionally and physically. I decided that I wanted to divert that "seeing my cat again" energy to a new cat. Divert "wheres my cat" to " wheres my new cat". Diverting this energy to something tangible. Invisible Charlie was driving me insane and unhealthy. But i COULD NOT settle for anything less. Charlie was so very special. A normal cat wouldnt do. I might sound snobby. If the cat was average, I would compare him everyday with Charlie and I wouldnt love him as much as I loved Charlie. And ontop of that depression, i would blame myself.

So thats how I decided to get Muggles, short for MisoJunji-Muggles. Hehe.
We actually cancelled to buy him because I thought i wasnt ready. 3 days later, My mum was thinking about him one night, the next day we called the owner asking if he was still available, we were lucky to catch him 30 minutes before he was to be transferred to be sold at petshop for triple the price! It was such a coincidence. God's plans :-) Alhamdulillah.

Currently entering the third day of Muggles in his new home, he gets the guest room all by himself! He's starting to recognize my smell now. But still very shy but he loves belly rubs. He is truly beautiful and the most adorable thing ive ever seen. A big fat furball. I think its harder and takes a longer time to bond with adult cats rather from small. Hope everything goes well insyaAllah.

 Im thinking of Charlie less now, but he still remains in my heart. 


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  1. Hye Anisah, Ive cats too. Two still alive, some more are gone (lost/die) . I know how dyou feel :') Macam tak percaya je Ive just read the whole entry. Anywayz, Muggles pun comel sangat (apasal comel sangat eh dia. gemuk dan muka no feeling). Take a good care of Muggles okay! have a good day ahead. (idk why am I bebel ing at your *last year* post. lewlz. follow . and update more. I wanna read. bye