January 30, 2015

My first video!

Took me a week to find the courage to show the world!
I needed to overcome something. I needed to start from somewhere. To do something, you need to START. it cant be perfect at the first try. but no doubt, you'll get better and better. Talking to a camera is hard. But i really wanted to try it, just to boost abit of confidence and have some fuuun! Also, some things are just easier to show on video! Anyway, how does @Faafirds do it so flawlessly!?

So this is a video of short reviews on some brands and why i decided to buy them. What drew me to buy them. Watching videos like this has certainly helped me in deciding to buy something or not, hope it helps you! 

I go by this philosophy that if i liked something and i am patient enough,
 if it goes on sale and it is still available, its meant to be. haha.

Before i filmed this, i went for a make up class, hence the full make up face. Also, i had to cut alot on the shoe part because the video was getting too long to a point that it might bore you!

So i cordially invite you to watch my mistakes, me mumbling my words, yada yada yada....

#guysdontwatchit #nokidding #noactuallywatchit

Next video will be a BEGINNERS make up tutorial done by a beginner. (me! whoooolllyyy beginner,beginner)  had some of my friends requesting this! Going to share tips i learned from mac! OR like a favourites video or something. Whatever that floats the boat!

Toodles! tell me whatcha think! Im going to go search for a cave now..............................


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