January 28, 2015

SS15 MOOD BOARD & my take on Miu Miu, Rochas, Bimba y Lola and more.

Photos taken from google

Miu Miu
Apart from immensely adoring Miuccia Prada, because she has phd in social sciences and her balance of elegance with the unusual, i cant express enough how much i love Miumiu! Miumiu should be an actual verb because its a recognizable signature style. I could walk around KLCC, and spot someone and be like, that's so miumiu. Not necessarily meaning theyre wearing miumiu. SS15 i must say, did tone down a little, less funkier but still having a slight fizz. This was actually based on a dramatic tension look. I do feel the tension, like a hardworking woman, worn out, but maintaining composure. Like a form of a 18th century lady - the floral pattern, big buckles, housecoat silhouette, living in the 20th century.

Bottega Venetta
I am not fond of this brand, to dull for me and i dont get the bags. But they do take pride in their name. This was the first ever piece i actually felt an attraction towards Bottega Venetta. Its like a murky yellow paired with a dusky glittery vest (or whatever you call it). With that crisp oversized top contrasted with glitter. Darn thats good stuff.

Valentino is Valentino. Never a dull moment.

Bimba y Lola
The pants. The pants. Those leather pants. Best leather pants ever invented. I might just work, earn money and invest in that. Because its worth it. The asymmetrical pattern is beyond, colour combo is on point, i mean imagine if they could go daring and used white instead of brown you'd be id rather buy ACNE STUDIO am i right or am i right? i could pair it with bright pink shoes and it'll still work or full glitter boots by YSL and it'll still work. Please be mine.

Rochas is my new profound love. Been eyeing them for a year now till i could decide whether i genuinely like them, or was it just lovestruck by one piece - their shoes. I grew admiration and i like them more than Valentino now. Different is not the word, its like problematic. You need to see the whole SS15 line to kinda understand what nonsense im saying. This is how i would describe ROCHAS: its like the problematic part of common sense. Like how sometimes common sense or facts are crazy but you are unable to say its crazy because its literally common sense. Okay like, picture an all-PERFECT-everything-romantic-ladylike person, imagine she had an itching feeling to be girly, to drink milk straight from the carton, to listen to rap instead of classical, i just feel that Rochas enhanced that itch. He's listening to that tiny little voice at the back of her head and making them into designs that will sing out loud and proud.

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