February 28, 2015

Melody Ehsani x Reebok

"Minimalist", ofcoures that entirely plain, faded, black and white kind of square instagram photo with some flowers thrown in pops in your head. Well, this is my interpretation of minimalist. Everyone is different right? Though its not what you imagined, i cant bare going any minimal than this.  (except lazy dressing for college or to go eat maggi goreng mamak). I know i would have so much fun clashing this print, however i decided to dress it up. Its all about the shoe today anyway wink.

Anyway, i anxiously typed my tracking number everyday into the system and everytime i see the same un-updated page, the last update was 13th of february. Also contributing to my anxiousness that i might even pin a needle through my brain, hi mum if your reading this, this will show up on the credit bill and yes i know you'll start screaming, i know you'll stop here and start stomping to my room. *finds a cute kitten so she might look at the kitten and forget about me*

The package arrived yesterday.

Melody Ehsani. I crossed her brand on instagram, and i was hooked instantly. I just felt related. She could express all the words i could never express but always wanted to and plus developing into art, her art. In forms of fashion, jewelry and graphic. I stalked, took notes, learnt and breathed it all in. I was sort of obsessed. During this, she was publicizing her limited edition M.E x Reebok debut and was releasing it the next day. Her reebok collaboration would always go sold out within seconds, and NO restocks. So, on impulse, i fixated on the Ventilators. 

Them being in hands. I can feel the weight of the whole process of designing this shoe with full integrity and expressiveness....the snakeskin texture, inventive camo print, colours used..just everything. So impressed...Undeniably. This is beyond love.

Thanks for popping by! xx

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