April 25, 2015

Miista Pop-up Store @ Redchurch Street Launch Party!

EXCITING. This is exciting. I want you to start reading this feeling exhilarated. Hence, the word Exciting!

I have been a fan of Miista ever since coming across their lookbook in 2013 but started to purchase in 2014 because im very particular about sizing, so I had to go all the way to Singapore to a shop called P.V.S and tried Miista shoes there. Thats the only shop that carries Miista in southeast asia. I've been loyal to Miista to this date and it isnt just because I love shoes, but its the whole package. At first I fell inlove with the muse Miista brings to a shoe, the team behind the company and how they stay intimate without being intimate, like your apart of the team, like buddies. and its quite a big network, growing by day. Read my featured interview here. It was my first ever.

Initially, I had planned to dropby Miista whilst in London to give some gifts as they've been so kind to me for the past years, so i went for abit of gift shopping and bought vintage kimono's, a few shawls and the kain batik we wear around the house thingy. By coincidence, I received an invitation in my email to attend their Pop-up Store Launch! Okay wow, I arrived on the 14th and the event was on the 16th! How perfect! On the day, I took the overground to Shoreditch Highstreet and walked just about a block, or less. Just before we thought we missed a street or something...well, a scene like this, you know you're in the right place

I wore this Green Lace Top from My Apparel Zoo, Skirt from Haflins, a Zara coat and with my Virginia Boots in white. (I wore these heeled shoes onto the flight from KL > Dubai > London, just giving an idea on how comfy they are.)
Moving on, I went with my sister who didnt want to have a picture smhhh, she's the more talk to everyone type, and im so glad she came. 1. I prolly get lost. 2. Being malay, at first encounters I was abit timid, in Malaysia its easier because we have things relatable to talk about, but here kind of I don't really know what to say. So my sister lead the talking. Like I was fascinated and didnt know that we can start off a conversation discussing about the weather. Haha maybe because Malaysia has only ONE season, so we never talk about the weather. 

Cassy, Sally and moi

Okay reeeewind. I was walking out of the station and went to the map thing and I bumped into Sally!! ( @embracingsaloua) who wore Miista Patti in Silver, a Miista babe I knew from instagram for quite some time! I was supposed to meet her at the event but we ended up going together! She has the warmest smile and laughs all around, quite sure she's made of sunshine. Then mid way, Cassy ( @cassybhairo from BangTheBlitz blog) joined us! She wore Miista Kloe in Fruity print (which is on my list, so jealous!). Her graphic skills are on point and super cool, all you need to know is on her blog! Lovely genuine ladies!

Ok soo many people turned up! Of all kinds uniting because of Miista! It was really happening. Like I felt so tiny. Though I actually like the small cute space, it makes sure everyone bumps into everyone! Us four looked around at the pop-up store, telling each other our want list...i love that one..gotta have these...definitely getting those next..haha. I am truly proud of Miista having a physical store now, even for awhile. It's really different from ordering online and you know going to a shop and buying. It's like the feeling you fly to Paris just to visit Chanel on Rue Cambon. That feeling. 

Charlotte & Ella
Oh my god, then I met Ella Hagi (@woogrrl). Okay between us, there mustve been like 100 emails sent. So meeting her in 3-D is a big deal, to me atleast. She's the one who found me! What I mean is i was in the slow process of finding my inner confidence, Miista speeded it up. Wouldn't be here today without her. She gave me a hugee big waaarm hug! We chatted abit then she brought me to meet Laura Villasenin, the Miista founder. I stuttered at saying hey..cause (besides my love for Miista) genuinely i know it's scary to start an own brand in London , against alot of competitors not just domestically but internationally, and being from a smalltown. So meeting this inspring, brave figure to me, that aura, mannn THE AURA MEETING SUCH A THING, darn well you WILL stutter.

Surprisingly, she has a strong Spanish accent! She is such a humble being and very modest too. Dressed in simplicity but with a mind full of wonders and bursting madness. Every single thing Miista produces leaves me with a line of thought, she always achieve to find the balance between a total clash of things. It makes me just want to get into that head!! and Yay!! Ella and Laura loved the gifts i gave!!

Now now, I wouldnt have left empty handed wouldnt I? I picked out these Delilah in Blue and Pink. I was torn between the Karlee, but settled for this one because it was love at first sight. Something I've never had or seen anything like it before, that colour contrast galore. (Note: usually I'm a 38 in all styles but these were abit tight infront so I switched to a 39) Then I got the Honor backpack in mint, which I wanted since it launched! So contented :')

Before leaving, I went around taking photos with all the wonderful people I met! Laura, Sally, Casey, Ella and also Charlotte de Carle! (Which I only realized after the event, oh em gee, I'm a sad pie, I didn't recognize her). But honestly, anyone and everyone here was so so soo down to earth, it was overwhelming. Cause im kinda used to when i enter an event, occasionally, there's that tense of where you-should-know-who's-who. It was an uplifting event, like i dont feel scared going up to a stranger because i liked their socks. A great atmosphere to be in. Truly. An event filled with so many people felt like a round table of five.

(In general)
There were people I saw who I kinda knew they were somebody but its nice and mysterious you meet that person for the first time and didn't know who they were. The conversation becomes a box of surprises and well for me, yes affirmative I do go feelin a little embarrassed afterwards cause I go like "I met her/him and didn't know who that is?!!" but to come think of it, its a great other way to meet somebody, because if you knew that person via social media/tv, you may have a mindset of who they are without meeting them in real life, hence I feel that meeting someone known for the first time is purely genuine and I get to know that person before giving an instagram impression. This is an important long forgotten value that needs to be back alive. So, to the person of repute treat anybody you come across as if the person is the yummiest macaroni in the world. Be loving and kind. And to the encounter, dont be shy, breathe, think about being as honest as possible rather than ohmygoshflabberbabberohmyy im meeting oh mygosh LIKE OMG and also, keep talking whether or not you have confidence!
 Forget all this if you meet Beyonce though, flip out all the way k.

Thank you for reading! 
The Update-Slower-Than-A-Snail Pinkdurian.


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  1. I also heard about the street party and also seen that many people really had a great time there. Even the party was organized so nicely and perfectly. Great job I must say.