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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dazed & Confused Magazine x Balmain : THE PROCESS

28th of October: Took my 5 hours to write the caption

I remember scrolling pass the post, I thought to myself "Oh this is so cool! Impossible though but God, i love Balmain", swipes finger. Later that day, my friend, Shakira Said told me to just go for it, you'll never know, maybe its your luck. I finished class at 12.30 and went straight to my uni's IT room to finish up some work.

1.30PM: i am hungry, but lets do the Balmain contest and ill permit myself to leave. So I started brainstorming, I read DAZED's post religiously for more than 3 times atleast just to understand what this contest is all about and wrote down Olivier's quotes that I adore. Then I started to find connections between me and Balmain which lead to making a rough tester. Just to get a headstart and an angle I want to project my answer with.

You know the computer working chair that goes up and down round and round, I just sat in that, swirling and thinking, looking at the words on paper, refining my description of Balmain. I think PRISM was the groundbreaking point. Everything fitted into place from there. It was a constant thinking process till i felt satisfied and an EXACT translation of my thoughts and emotions into words.

I finished by 6.30pm in a proud state. To a point where these were beautiful written words, dont care if I don't win, THIS DESERVES TO BE OUT THERE NEVERTHELESS.


29th of October
Checks the dazed website again, it says they announce on Tuesday right? yessssss..but..they haven't announced. Hmm probably they already have contacted the winner. Still proud of what I put out there. Coolies.

30th of October
At 12pm, class just ended and I was packing my bags, my phone was in my back pocket and it went tiiing! Wasnt in a rush to pull it out or anything but before I put my jacket on, decided to give it a check.

@Dazedmagazine commented: Please check your DMs! x

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP NO NO. THIS CANT BE HAPPENING. I became an instant jelly and I couldnt feel my legs, my bum kissed the floor and there I was on the cold hard ground, shaking. Placed my hand on my mouth to stop a scream from escaping.

After I read the DM I cried. Literally. It was so shocking, too DIFFICULT to process, like exactly how do you tell yourself your flying to paris in less than 12 hours for BALMAIN.


It didnt feel real at ALL. Not a little bit. Called my mum to tell her the news, and to even tell her the news was hard to say because my brain zoned out. These words were unbelievable. It didnt sound real coming from my mouth. It's not real. When nobody was passing in the hallway I just made little jumps of spasm of WHAT WHAT HOLYCRAP WHAT. OMG. OMG
 Called my sister to tell her I'm taking her with me and she calmly replied "I dont understand what your saying but I heard paris so oookay"

I skipped back home from the tube at 4PM, opened my door, and let out caaan youu believeeee were going to parisssss!!!!! She went, what did you win again?  
She stood up put her hands on her head, NO WAY. IT CANT BE, ITS STILL MILAN FASHION WEEK NO.
I went, YES!! and we went into this phase of trying to process the impossible with mini shrieking in between and a constant repetition of the phrase "is this real are u sure this is real".
My sister: wont believe till the tickets are printed out. thats when maybe, i can believe a little. Then we just spent the night choosing our outfits and hyperventilating till we were exhausted.

lots of fullstops, commas, capital letters, deliberately to give you the jumpy short of breath kinda feel
xx Anisah

Dazed & Confused Magazine x Balmain : Paris, The Show & Meeting Olivier Rousteing.


  1. i still remember this 'lottery' winning LOL n i can totally relate to this babe! giler lahh

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