August 21, 2017

Amsterdam I

Shot with 
Diana F+
Lomochrome Turquoise 120mm film from lomography. (discontinued till further notice)

Amsterdam with my parents was a coincidence. What made it even more priceless was that I had a unique portrait of myself up in an exhibition in Fotomuseum Den Haag, Netherlands. That photograph session itself was coincidental. We didnt decide to go to Amsterdam because of the exhibition, no, my parents literally had business in Leiden. Just one of those things, where everything falls into place oh so perfectly.

I could not have been happier to celebrate that moment with the two most important people in my life, it was okay they were being super normal embarrassing parents, making sure everyone who entered the exhibition got a good look at my portrait and tell them with their beaming proud faces smiling ear to ear, "THATS MY DAUGHTER!" 

Amsterdam is such a good place to go with your parents, especially during the tulipy season. Dont ask why. Just go. Netherlands is a place where sights are soothing and time slows down. 45+ year olds kind of appreciate that. My dad has always been "meh drugs overthere no no bad bad" towards Amsterdam, but he reaaaally did find solace in this city. Leiden is worth a visit too! Its a town filled with character and its down a notch from Amsterdam. Something like Oxford or Cambridge.


Amsterdam in two words, bicycles and canals.
whatever that is and Rijksmuseum
oh hi.



theres a duck. somewhere in here.
Den Haag city


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