August 21, 2017

Istanbul I

Shot with 
Diana F+
Lady Grey ISO 400 120mm film from lomography.

My approach is really to take photographs which paint a picture. Whatever photograph I take, I try to endow with a meaning about a place or an event in my own place.

Istanbul, Aya Sofya, its religion duality within its soil, reminded me much conversations Ive had with my dear mother, Sha, & Sarina. Ones about how to find God's energy, or love and peace in things and beings, how to be gentle to yourself. 

I wrote this in my notes in my travel diary:

14 Dec 2016

When I moved to a different country, (this slipping away process was so slow i barely realised I was going through it) my faith and my easiness towards people and surroundings shaked, because Im not seeing the usual things I found as ordinary before that reminded me of myself, home, & my beliefs; who I am. I get easily anxious of unfamiliarity. So I built my own walls and my own world. But with patience, time and knowledge,  I taught myself to see God and bits of pieces of myself in everything. Its easier to establish a connection with yourself when you are less afraid, open to openness, and be nameless. So, in whatever phase of life I'm going through, wherever I am, whoever I encounter, simply be kind to it, for when kindness becomes apart of something, 
it beautifies it. 

a thousand year old tree

Hagia Sophia on one end, the Blue Mosque on the other

 up & up



 a mosque in Bursa and a badge

 tip of the snow mountain

views + cablecar cable


Aya Sofya


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  1. I want to visit Istanbul so badly after reading your this blog. I have heard alot about the beauty of Istanbul. I am intended to visit it any time soon.